New Hope Learning Centers, Inc.
…bringing new hope to the dyslexic learner

New Hope Learning Centers empowers intelligent, creative individuals who experience the negative aspects of dyslexia and ADD/ADHD. Through our programs and services, our clients develop their unique, visual-spatial thinking abilities for measureable success in school and in life.

What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is most often viewed as a learning disability affecting an individual’s ability to read and write. It is considered incurable and life-long.

BUT WAIT! Is there another way to think about dyslexia?

Individuals who are dyslexic are intelligent, talented, and creative. Most significantly they are “picture thinkers” who have the mental ability to think in 3-D images – an ability only possessed by about 10-15% of our population world-wide.

Being a 3-D picture thinker is a great gift—except when one is viewing and thinking about 2-D symbols like letters, words, and numbers.


About New Hope Learning Centers

Paul and Cyndi Deneson are thrilled to be able to offer the most effective non-medical dyslexia correction programs to be found worldwide. Cyndi has over 40 years of experience in being a learning specialist. Paul handles marketing, business and Parent Coaching. Together they have helped hundreds of clients, both children and adults, learn about their talents and disabilities and have given them new hope in finding success in school and life.



“Having previously tried a variety of tutoring and remediation services, we were thrilled when NHLC taught our child how to read.”

Significant improvement in academic skills