Parents have offered the following comments about why their children love coming to New Hope Learning Centers:


Significant improvement in academic skills: Having previously tried a variety of tutoring and remediation services, we were thrilled when NHLC taught our child how to read.


One licensed facilitator works with one student: Our child was challenged and had fun working one-on-one with her facilitator.


The learning tools are fun: Our child had fun experimenting with his new learning tools and noticing the differences they made.


The clay work allows for natural, creative expression: Our child really enjoyed using his own natural and creative ability to overcome his learning barriers.


The games and puzzles are effective and interactive: The games and puzzles were not only fun, but they were effective in reinforcing our child’s new learning tools.


Continual reinforcement of special strengths and the improvement of self-confidence: The facilitator always focused on the positive and encouraged every small step of progress toward improvement.


The facilitator talked to children at their developmental level: We had two children go through the program, one age 8 and one age 16. The facilitator was very competent at working with each child at their developmental level.


Constructive involvement of parents during program services: I really was pleased at the regular reviews of progress throughout the program week with the facilitator and their ability to answer any of my questions.


Special parent tutor and teacher training: The end of the program training was complete and effective in providing us with the coaching skills needed to help our child sustain and maintain the new learning tools acquired during their program.


Cooperative team approach with facilitator, parents, tutors, and teachers: I really appreciate that almost two years after our child completed the program, I can still call with my questions. I have always received helpful and beneficial recommendations.


Safe, caring, and confidential environment: Our ten-year-old child just simply “bloomed” during his program. He began the program angry and discouraged; he ended the program with hope and self-confidence.


Post program mastery, parent coaching and academic support: We had a seven-year-old girl and ten and fourteen-year-old boys complete the basic program. Our fourteen-year-old did both the reading and eight- day math programs. Now, over six years later, all are above grade level in their basic skills. NHLC, during this time, has remained a valuable resource providing parent coaching, problem solving, and additional academic tutoring to help along the way.